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Angie Yonaga is from the game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. She is in the 79th class of Hopes Peak Academy. She is known as the Ultimate Artist. She loves her God, Atua.


Angie Yonaga has white hair with two low pigtails going just below her shoulders. She has dark skin. Her eyes are a dark shade of blue. Angie wears a yellow jacket with a black symbol on it. She wears a bra (yes, she doesn't wear a shirt) and a blue skirt with a pink thread on it. She wears white shoes.


Angie Yonaga is a very bubbly girl. She always bases her options on her God, Atua. She believes in her god. Many people theorize that Angie only uses the voice of Atua so she isn't lonely. Angie Yonaga is a girl who wants people to believe in Atua, just like her. She tells Shuichi in a free time event she has never been yelled at. Angie is always happy, even in dark times, therefore creating a calming personality to be around.